We offer many different kinds of activities from 4-Wheel Drive tours to hiking and scrambling. Our guides are all locals and have the experience needed to guide you safely through the…


On most programs in Wadi Rum, you will find "one day jeep tour", then "one day hiking", the jeep tour being only the stops at the highlights defined for the...


Jebel Rum is 1754m above sea level - Rum village is 1000m above sea level. There we will climb to the summit of Jebel Rum, for long supposed to be the..

Camel Ride

Camel trips for one, two or three days

We can offer a number of roads for camel trekking, and if there is anything that you particularly want to see or

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rekking in Wadi Rum is the best way to experience our beautiful desert. You can see all of the rocks, plants, and flowers at spring
Wadi Rum Desert

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