About Ali Hamad

Ali Hamad Al Zalabiah is a son of Wadi Rum.  Like most Bedouin of his generation, he was born in the Eastern Hisma and spent his youth living in bait al shar or  “house of hair” with his family.  The desert was his playground.

Like his sisters and brothers, he began to take the family’s herd out to pasture at a very young age.  Always the inquisitive kind, he took advantage of these quiet moments to explore his surroundings. Each day would bring new and exciting challenges as he walked his sheeps and goats along old, Bedouin roads.

New rock formations, desert niches and remnants from yesterday always caught his eyes.  Over time he came to know the desert like the back of his hand.

Nowadays you can still find Ali walking through the desert, only now he is walking with tourists sharing the knowledge gleanedversing those old Bedouin trails so long ago.  Working independently, his commitment to personalized service and exploration is evident from the path he has chosen.

He strives to make every experience different from the last because to really experience WadiRum is to move beyond the everyday and the commonplace.  Just ask anyone who has spent time walking with Ali!

Ali Hamad Alzalabiah

Wadi Rum , Jordan