Our Camp

Here we try to answer a few of the questions that are most often asked by people before their arrival.


The most frequent single question is always the weather! While we cannot guarantee what the temperature will be when you arrive, there is a website which gives you at least the current conditions at the Jordan Met Dept. This address should bring you directly to the English version of the site and to the conditions for Jafer which is the closest to us. If it doesn't, then please click on towns until it comes up.

General Informations

Stories and information to help you plan, prepare and protect what matters most.

  • Our camp

It is close to Jebel Khazali(site number 2 on the map of Wadi Rum), about 7kms from the village, and consists of several Bedouin tents (large ones) which form a square with the cliff, thus sheltering us from the worst of any bad weather. You can sleep in the tents, in the square beside the fire, or on the big sand dune under the stars. Usually a family can take possession of one of the tents for themselves. There is a bathroom block, with both European and Asian style toilets and showers for people staying here for several days. This is cleaned every day and the water is heated by the sun. There is a great view of the sunrise and sunset from the dune or from the rock mound and it is very easily climbed.

  • Sleeping equipment

we supply mattresses, blankets and pillows. In cold weather we have comforters which keep you warm. There is no real need for you to bring sleeping bags, but it is true that some people prefer to use their own. This is up to you. In the winter, we move the fire and supper inside one of the tents and snuggle up with blankets for after supper talk. You should not be cold at night, but in the evenings in the winter you do need sweater and/or jacket.

  • Food

We offer a variety of dishes, based on local ones, ample in quantity and well cooked.  In warm weather, lunch is usually a salad dish+ hot, supper is always hot. Vegetarian food can be supplied, but if possible, please tell us about this or about any allergies before you arrive. Breakfast is bread or buns which we can warm on the fire, and a choice of cheese, eggs, jam and etc (whatever we see in the shops that looks good!). And of course, plenty of tea! We can also offer instant coffee for breakfast.

  • What to bring

You should wear something on your head and bring plenty of sunscreen with you. You will also need a shoulder bag or rucksack for daytime necessities. We mainly recommend a camera, a bottle of water, some kind of head covering, a snack if you think you will need one, perhaps a light sweater or something with long sleeves, and of course anything personal you think you might need.

Clothes :

Don’t try to look smart! You can wear almost anything that will let you sit on the ground / ride a camel / scramble into a jeep / etc. We do ask ladies not to wear anything too skimpy when they are in the village (halter necks, short shorts, etc). When you are out in the desert then it doesn’t matter, we are used to just about anything! But please do keep a t-shirt available for the village.

Shoes :

 Unless you are doing a heavy scrambling programme, you do not need boots for the hiking programmes. Trainers or good walking shoes, even sneakers are fine. Socks are a good idea, though! Trekking sandals are very good, especially in warm/hot weather. The models with closed toes are best

  • Onward transport

Buses leave Wadi Rum in the mornings, for Aqaba at about 7am (there is no bus on Fridays) and for Petra at about 8h30am. We can always get you to Rum in time for these buses. If you are going anywhere else, there are plenty of connections in Aqaba for Amman and north.

We should like to say that the early bus to Aqaba is notoriously unreliable. We do not recommend it to our clients. It is supposed to leave from the Resthouse at 7.30am. It is a small bus, with seats for only about 15 people and very often after passing through the village it is already full when it reaches the Resthouse, with no room for any other passengers. If it is full early on, then it will leave early. It is not a good idea to base your travel plans on taking this bus. The only alternative is a taxi costing about 20JD to central Aqaba. we take no commission on it (if you were wondering!) You may pay us or the driver directly if you wish. Some taxi prices (in every case the “vice versa” is the same price) :

Wadi Rum to Petra = 35JD

Wadi Rum to central Aqaba =  20JD

Wadi Rum to Aqaba port, Aqaba airport, the Saudi or Israeli borders or the Tala Bay resorts = 25D

Amman airport to Wadi Rum (you might be asked to pay for waiting time)
(this price is fixed by the driver, I can only give the usual charge)  = 85JD**

The trips start and end officially at the Visitors’ Centre, where you pay your entrance fee and collect any brochurds and maps that you wish, but since this is about 6 kms from the village of Wadi Rum, we usually prefer to end all tours at the Resthouse in the village, which is well known to taxi drivers and where buses will usually collect you. There is a car park immediately beside the Resthouse and any cars left there are in perfect security.  Obviously, if you wish to return to the Visitors Centre we can drive you there.

About trek In fact, we adapt our treks  first to your walking and scrambling (easy climbing) abilities : maybe you like to walk 6 or 7 hours in a day, maybe 5 or 6..

Then the season is also important : summer or winter bring differences in the ways we take, the day schedule (time of walking/time of rest).. in case of raining, climbing may present some risks..

Then the high or low season also interfers  : such places as the Bassah canyon or other spots on the North East side of the desert become invaded by a lot of tourists, then we priviledge the Southern parts, far from the mouvement and totally quiet .

But in all cases you will see the main famous spots, plus quantity of narrow canyons and breathtaking views (most of them being our “very special”, even in the very center of the desert).

About jeep tour On most programs in Wadi Rum, you will find “one day jeep tour”, then “one day hiking”, the jeep tour being only the stops at the highlights defined for the tour, and the walking in one area only.

We prefer to offer you both in the same day, because a whole day in a 4×4 can be boring, and a whole day walking in the sand a bit tiring if you are not a hiker !

With us, you can both ride the jeep and walk during the same day, and it’s you who’ll decide how long you like to walk.
You will see the famous places of Wadi Rum, of course, but not only them : many astonishing views from higher points and narrow canyons, even more beautiful and where others never go, are waiting for you..

In any case, you can always begin or end your trip by one or two hours of camel riding.

The price includes all meals, jeep transfers when stated  and equipment for sleeping in the desert. We do not ask for deposits (too complicated!) and we do not accept credit cards and payment should be in Jordanian dinars when you are here. There are no banks or ATM machines in Wadi Rum. The price does not include the entrance fee to Wadi Rum which is 2JD. The water in Wadi Rum comes from the aquifer in Dissieh and is very pure. We supply this water in quantity, but not mineral water.  

Times : we usually start at around 9.30am and reckon to finish the tour about 4pm or before sunset.

Toilets and rubbish : There is a toilet in the fixed camp where we usually spend the night. Otherwise, out in the desert, one has to go behind a rock! Please be sure that all wastes are buried, and push a bit of sand over any “evidence”. Toilet paper should be burned or put into a plastic bag for you to bring back and add to the camp rubbish.

It is a good idea always to have a plastic bag or two with you for the rubbish that tends to accumulate. There will usually be a general rubbish bag with the car, there is always one in an overnight stop.

“Good” guides in Wadi Rum do not leave rubbish lying around. Most of us pick up any objects discarded by less careful souls.

What can I do with my luggage?

This can always be brought out to the camp for you, but many people prefer to sort out what they will need into a smaller bag or bags and leave the main luggage in the office where it will be perfectly safe. If you choose this solution, please do the sorting out before you arrive here!

What will the weather be like at any time up to six months ahead?

We don’t know! We can give the probabilities, in the winter it will probably be cold, and in the summer it will probably be hot, but further than that we cannot help.You can check the weather online.

What time is sunset/sunrise?

You can check this online and choose the best time for your holidays